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Zen is the ESSENTIAL core of all religions. Zen means DHYAN. The Sanskrit root for Zen is DHYAN. Then DHYAN became in Pali, ZAN. Then in China it became CHAN, and then in Japan it became Zen. But the root is DHYAN. DHYAN is the essential thing. Dhyan means a state of thoughtless awareness, when all thoughts disappear and you look into reality without any hindrance, when all dust has been dropped and the mirror reflects perfectly – as is the case – that which is reflected without any interpretation on your part.

Otherwise there is no need! Kabir never meditated – went on spinning his things and became enlightened. What happened? A natural man, doing his thing with total heart, absorbed in doing his thing – attained. So remember, you have to learn meditation because you have learned a few wrong things. To destroy that wrong learning you will need learning. It is as if you have got a thorn in your foot and you need another thorn to take it out. The other thorn is as much a thorn as the first one, but it helps.

THERE IS NO MISUNDERSTANDING BETWEEN A Buddha and a Christ, no misunderstanding between a Mahavir and a Krishna, no misunderstanding between a Zarathustra and a Mohammed. These are religious people. There is misunderstanding between Mohammedans and Hindus and Jains and Christians, but these are not religious people. These are just pseudo-religious; they believe they are religious but they are not religious. How can there he misunderstanding when religion has arisen in your heart? Religion makes you so free of all kinds OF opinions.

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