The Samhanach (Bad Moon Books Annual Halloween Novella) by Lisa Morton PDF

By Lisa Morton

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Connell looked as if he’d just been sucker-punched in the gut. He let out a long breath, then sank to a sitting position by the fire. “2010…a hundred year…dear Lord, a century passed, as I feared …” She crouched beside him, laying a reassuring hand on his shoulder. ” When he looked at her, his eyes were hooded with a deep-seated loathing. “Aye. Tha’ demon is why I’m here…” “And me, too. It’s got my daughter. ” Connell ground his jaws together for a few seconds, then looked at her. “Aye. It lives nae far from here.

Another sound came from behind her, and she spun to see two pumpkins actually leaning forward, trying to reach her. She scanned the yard, looking for a path to clear the pumpkins; all around, she could hear the sound of their thick, fleshy mouths closing, and a strange groaning, as if their shells were trying to expand, stretching beyond what they were designed for. She thought she saw a way to reach the relative safety of the porch, but it would involve jumping over some of the jack-o’-lanterns…and she certainly didn’t want to go near the cobwebs she’d strung earlier in the night, once fake but now alive with skittering shadows… She ran for it.

It hasn’t been a terrible life. My family has a small house out on the moors, near a peat bog. We spend our days digging great blocks of the stuff out of the earth, loading them onto the backs of carts, and taking them to market. A lifetime of hard labor took both my parents from me at a young age, but I have my beloved wife, Gillian, and we have…had…our two wee ones – Ewan, twelve, and Aileen, six. We had happy times with the bad; we had holidays and gatherings. And then there was Hallowe’en. I knew Brian and Michael’s history, just as I’ve set it down here, and I believed.

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The Samhanach (Bad Moon Books Annual Halloween Novella) by Lisa Morton

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