Paul Kléber Monod's Solomon's Secret Arts: The Occult in the Age of PDF

By Paul Kléber Monod

ISBN-10: 0300195397

ISBN-13: 9780300195392

Initially released in 2013.

The past due 17th and eighteenth centuries are referred to as the Age of Enlightenment, a time of technology and cause. yet during this illuminating ebook, Paul Monod unearths the extraordinary volume to which Newton, Boyle, Locke, and different giants of rational concept and empiricism additionally embraced the religious, the paranormal, and the occult.

Although public popularity of occult and magical practices waxed and waned in this interval they survived underground, experiencing a substantial revival within the mid-eighteenth century with the increase of latest antiestablishment non secular denominations. The occult spilled over into politics with the radicalism of the French Revolution and into literature in early Romanticism. even if respectable disapproval was once at its most powerful, the facts issues to a starting to be viewers for occult courses in addition to to subversive well known enthusiasm. eventually, reveals Monod, the occult was once now not discarded in desire of "reason" yet used to be included into new kinds of studying. In that feel, the occult is a part of the trendy international, now not easily a relic of an unenlightened earlier, and remains to be with us today.

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It is so interesting that I a m con strained to quote it here : I climbed the mountain and came to a place where I saw seven red stones in front of me, seven on either side, and seven behind me. I stood in the middle of this quadrangle. The stones were flat like steps. I tried to lift the four stones that were nearest to me. In doing so I discovered that these stones were the pedestals of four statues of gods which were buried upside down in the earth. I dug them up and so arranged them around me that I stood in the middle of them.

When many folk are introduced to Magic, for instance, the first reaction is either one of stark fear and horror - or else we are greeted by a smile of the utmost condescension. This is followed by the retort, intended to be devastating, that Magic is synonymous with superstition, that its tenets were long ago exploded, and that, moreoever, it is unscientific. This, I believe, is the experience of the majority of people whose prime interest is Magic or what now passes as occultism. It seems that, just as their hope for security and their desire for unshakeable knowledge becomes projected upon science, so their inner fears and unfaced terrors are projected upon this maltreated body of traditional knowledge, Magic.

It has an energy peculiar to itself, independent of consciousness, by THE ART AND MEANING OF MAGIC 51 means of which effects are produced in the psyche that influence us all the more powerfully from the dark regions within. These influences remain invisible to everyone who has failed to subject the transient world-image to adequate criticism, and who is therefore still hidden from himself. That the world has not only an outer, but an inner aspect, and that it is not only outwardly visible, but also acts powerfully upon us in a timeless present, from the deepest and most subjective hinterland of the psyche - this Jung holds to be a form of knowledge that, regardless of the fact that it is ancient wisdom, deserves to be evaluated as a new factor in forming a philosphic world-view.

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