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By Michaela Schrage-Früh

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This booklet explores the intersections among dreaming and the literary mind's eye, in mild of the findings of contemporary neurocognitive and empirical learn, with the purpose to put a foundation for an empirically trained aesthetics of dreaming. Drawing on views from literary thought, philosophy of brain and dream learn, this learn investigates dreaming on the subject of creativity and waking states of mind's eye reminiscent of writing and examining tales. Exploring the similarities and ameliorations among the 'language' of goals and the language of literature, it analyses the thoughts hired by way of writers to create a feeling of dream in literary fiction in addition to the genres so much conducive to this endeavour. The publication closes with 3 case reviews targeting texts by way of Kazuo Ishiguro, Clare Boylan and John Banville to demonstrate the various ways that writers in achieving to 'translate' the event and 'language' of the dream.

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Domhoff and Fox (2015) also note the difficulties in conducting further studies on the default mode network’s specific relevance for dreaming. Firstly, neuroscientists researching the default mode network currently are focused on the network’s relevance for conditions such as Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia or autism. Secondly, ‘the type of studies of the default network and its relationship to ongoing mentation that are needed (namely, combined EEG/fMRI studies) are more difficult to conduct during sleep because of the noise of the fMRI scanner, the fact that it takes an entire night to adapt to sleeping in a laboratory in the best of circumstances, and the relatively time-consuming process of awakening participants from sleep and having them attempt to recall often hazy mental experiences’ (343).

20 States (1987), 11. 21 Shafton (1995), 51. See also Mary Arnold-Forster, whose book Studies in Dreams (1921) sets out to contradict the Freudian view that all dreams are symbolic representations of repressed libidinal wishes, yet all the same acknowledges that ‘[t]he value of Freud’s contribution to science would seem to lie, not in these applications to his teaching, or in the deductions that his disciples have drawn from it, but in the new and original point of view which he opened up, and the great stimulus that he gave explorers in the field of psychological research’ (5).

131 Oatley (2011), 160. 132 Oatley (2011), 162. 133 Oatley (2011), 162. 134 Obviously, the idea that all kinds of fiction are beneficial is misleading. Oatley (2011), for instance, points out that certain kinds of fiction, for instance those portraying violence, can have a harmful effect, especially on children (see 167). The adaptive value of fiction, then, may be limited to certain themes as suggested by Oatley (2011): ‘exploration of the minds of others, investigation of relationships, dynamics of interactions in groups, and grappling’s [sic] with the problems of selfhood’ (167).

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