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Theory dilates the trajectory dynamics St; and the Akcoglu-Sucheston et al. L. All induce dilations of the corresponding operator semigroups W t . Endnotes for Chapter 2 One remarkable fact about mapping theorems for the numerical range is that there are at least some of them. For example, the simpler question of just polynomial mapping theorems just for the numerical radius of just 2 x 2 matrices with real determinant and real trace shows that even the 2 x 2 case can be quite complicated; see C.

The point raised here is that it would be useful to have more understanding of sectorial or half-plane numerical range mapping theorems for particular operator classes. The potential subtlety of numerical range mapping properties appears also in related questions of monotonicity of functions of matrices. , A - B ~ O. Examples may be easily constructed to show that A2 - B2 need not be positive. However, the fundamental result that AP ~ BP for all 0 < p ;£ 1 was established by 48 2. Mapping Theorems "Uber Monotone Matrixfunktionen," Math.

Transl. 39, 1-36. In this theory, one is able to construct "natural extensions" to what are called exact dynamical systems, which are roughly those that preserve a measure on the phase space dynamics. We employed this dilation theory to show that certain probabilistic dynamical systems may be embedded in a larger deterministic dynamics of what are called Kolmogorov systems, in I. Antoniou and K. Gustafson (1993). "From Probabilistic Descriptions to Deterministic Dynamics," Physica A 197, 153-166.

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