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By D. Hestenes

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(revised) this can be a textbook on classical mechanics on the intermediate point, yet its major objective is to function an advent to a brand new mathematical language for physics referred to as geometric algebra. Mechanics is most ordinarily formulated this present day when it comes to the vector algebra built by means of the yank physicist J. Willard Gibbs, yet for a few purposes of mechanics the algebra of complicated numbers is extra effective than vector algebra, whereas in different purposes matrix algebra works greater. Geometric algebra integrates some of these algebraic structures right into a coherent mathematical language which not just keeps the benefits of each one designated algebra yet possesses strong new functions. This e-book covers the quite general fabric for a direction at the mechanics of debris and inflexible our bodies. besides the fact that, it is going to be visible that geometric algebra brings new insights into the therapy of approximately each subject and produces simplifications that stream the topic fast to complicated degrees. That has made it attainable during this booklet to hold the therapy of 2 significant subject matters in mechanics well past the extent of different textbooks. a number of phrases are so as concerning the specified remedy of those issues, specifically, rotational dynamics and celestial mechanics.

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38 Origins o f Geometric Algebra (b) Multiplication Property of Equalit)): If B = C, then AB = AC. Add these properties to our list of axioms and prove the converses (c) Crrncelbrrtion Principle of Addition: IfA + B =A + C, then B = C. (d) Cancellation Principle of Multiplication: If AB = AC and A-I exists, then B = C. 3) Specify the justification for each step in the proof. The proofs in geometric algebra are identical to those in elementary algebra. Let A = a + a where a is a scalar and a is a nonzero vector.

Rather there is a great proliferation of different inathematical systems designed to express geometrical ideas - tensor algebra, matrix algebra, spinor algebra - to name just a few of the most common. It might be thought that this profusion of systems reveals the richness of mathema- The Outer Product 21 tics. On the contrary, it reveals a widespread confusion - confusion about the aims and principles of geometric algebra. The intent here is to clarify these aims and principles by showing that the preceding arguments leading to the invention of scalars and vectors can be continued in a natural way, culminating in a single mathematical system which facilitates a sirnple expressio~~ of the full range of geometrical ideas.

If 8 is the radian measure of the angle AOB and if a = OA is the length of @A. then, one can write OC = a cos 0. Likewise, if b = OB, then OD = b cos 8. In the second diagram. to distinguish the projection of OA' on OB from the projection of OA on the same line where OA' = a = OA, it is convenient to regard OC' and OC as the line segments with the same magnitude but opposite orientation. This can be expressed by writing OC' = a cos(n - 8) = -a cos 8 = - 0 C . This scalar quantity clearly depends on the orientation of OB, because 08 determines the line from which the angle is measured.

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