New PDF release: Molecular Rearrangements of Triphenylmethane Derivatives I.

By Stieglitz J.

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Anterolateral view ofthe brain stem (x 2 3) 1 medulla ; 2 pons; 3 mesencephalon; 4 tentonum cerebelh. Lateral dramage toward the supenor petrosal vem (see p 6) 5 supenor petrosal vein and Its branches; 6 supenor transverse pontme vem; 6' note small dIameter of the mfenor transverse pontme vem (see p 23); 7 antenor cerebellar vem and 7' lateral medullopontme vem; 8 lateral mesencephalic vein, 9 anteromedIan pontme vem. Arrows show the emergence of the deep anterolateral (10) and lateral (11) pontine veins (see p.

Med. J. 16, 61-86 (1968). schen. Z. Anat. -Gesch. : Some structural dIfferences among (1958). posterolateral tributaries of great cerebral vein. : Venas del cerebelo Arch. Arkh. Anat. GIStOl. Embriol. 46, 166-170 (1964). Esp. Morfol. 8,251-282 (1950). : Cerebral Vascular mal and pathological radIO anatomy of the su- Anatomy. In. 1. Philadelphia: penor ChOroId vein. Neuroradiology 3, 16-19 LIttle, Brown and C 1961. : Etude anatomique sur la circula(1971). : The postenor tion veineuse de l'encephale.

The path of this short vein crosses the brachium pontis and joins the large anterior cerebellar vein. This anterior cerebellar vein emerges from the horizontal cerebellar fissure and is one of the three branches which make up the superior petrosal vein. The lateral pontine vein 24 is joined by only a few branches; the most important is the vein of the lateral recess of the fourth ventricle described by HUANG and WOLF (1967). 6"; Figs. 39, 52); the vein of the lateral recess reaches the lateral pontine vein, its short path lying on the brachium pontis.

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