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By Jeffrey Hopkins

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In bringing this extraordinary and complicated philosophy to existence, Jeffrey Hopkins describes the meditational practices wherein the Buddhist perfect of vacancy could be discovered and indicates that, faraway from being only summary, those teachings may be bright and completely useful.

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Still, when emptiness is cognized directly, the objects that are the bases of the quality of emptiness do not appear to the mind. Based on this, some, including the Jo-nang-bas of Tibet, misinterpreted the Buddhist emptiness as an 'other-emptiness'. That which is negated in the Prasangikas' subtle theory of selflessness is self, defined as inherent existence. The hypothetical synonyms of'self in the Prasangika system are:8 1 true establishment (satya-siddhi/bhava, bden par grub pa/ dngos po) 2 true existence (satya-sat, bden par yodpa) 3 ultimate existence (paramartha-siddhij don dam par grub pa) 4 existence as [its own] suchness (tattva-siddhide kho na nyid du grub pa) 5 existence as [its own] reality (samyak-siddhi, yang dag par grub pa) 6 natural existence or existence by way of its own character {svalakshana-siddhi, rang gi mtshan nyid kyis grub pa) 7 substantial existence (dravya-sat, rdzas yod) 8 existence able to establish itself (tshugs thub tu grub pa) 9 existence from the object's side [rather than being imputed from the subject's side] (svarupa-siddhi, rang ngos nas grub pa) 10 objective existence (vishaya-siddhij yul gyi steng nas grub pa) 11 existence through its own power (svairi-siddhi\ rang dbang du grub pa) 12 existence in the object that receives designation (prajnaptivishaya-siddhi, btags yul gyi steng nas grub pa) 13 existence right in the basis of designation (gdags gzhi'i steng nas grub pa) 14 inherent existence {svabhava-siddhi, rang bzhin gyis grub pa) 15 existence through its own entitiness (svabhavata-siddhi, ngo bo nyid gyis grub pa) 16 existence in the manner of covering its basis of designation (gdags gzhi'i go sa gnon pa 'i tshul du yod pa) 17 existence from the side of the basis of designation {gdags gzhi'i ngos nas grub pa).

Even a suspicion that emptiness—the lack of inherent existence —is the mode of being of phenomena disturbs the very causes that produce the rounds of powerless suffering. For, when one has such suspicion, the actual mode of being of objects acts for the slightest bit as an object of one's mind. Dzong-ka-ba says: Aspirational prayers should be made for the ability to listen to the treatises on the profound [emptiness], to memorize them, to think about their meaning, to meditate on them, and over the continuum of lives to have faith in them, all without harming ascertainment of the dependent-arising of cause and effect.

It is initially difficult to identify the appearance of a concrete I, but in time it becomes obvious. " 5 Sometimes the I appears to be the eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, or mental consciousness. In sum, the I appears at times to be physical and at times mental. The Fifth Dalai Lama says that in the end the appearance of the I and the appearance of the mind and body are as if mixed like water and milk, undifferentia t e , but so clear as to seem graspable with the hand. Dzong-ka-ba's disciple Kay-drup says in his Manual of Instructions on the View:16 If the mind thinking 'I' is not generated, you should fabricate the thought 'I' and immediately thereafter analyze its mode of appearance.

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