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The Brotherhood of Saturn is certainly one of Germany's so much mystery occult inns and unknown to magicians of the English-speaking global. this is often the 1st research of its internal files and workings. detect the interesting histories of its founders and leaders. Witness the improvement of its magical ideals and practices and its banishment via the Nazi govt. The Saturnian course of initiation is printed in complete element.

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It is this day in 1 9 2 8 which actually serves as the date of the official magical inception of the FS. After this there followed a period of intensive activity for the newly (re-) founded FS, especially in the environs of Berlin, where Gregorius had his bookshop. Gregorius began publishing FS material, some of which was available to the public, some of which was only for distribution within the Lodge. Five issues of the journal Saturn-Gnosis were printed. In this journal, articles on magical subjects by Gregorius and other writers within and without the FS, including Masters Pacitus and Therion, appeared.

So despite his solitude (and more to the point, because of it) he is happy as a self-contained individual. Because he stands more and more outside the standards of common human measurements and evaluations, the Saturnian brother has progressively less spiritual need of common human society. The solitude is a joyous one, mainly because the initiate is always conscious of, and focused on, his initiatory aims. 20 This cultivation of magical and initiatory solitude, when applied to the FS as a body, manifests as an elitist philosophy.

In Kabbalistic terms this is known as the qliphothic realm. 23 This is another instance of the Saturnian tendency to synthesize opposites into a dynamic process. Another manifestation of this tendency is the training principle of going against the natural grain of the character of the initiate. The magician willfully "re-polarizes" himself in ways contrary to his own innate nature. "The rationalist must discover his soul, the romantic must express his essential rational characteristics . . " 2 4 In more esoteric terms this describes the alchemical process of coagulating the Saturnian lead with the Solar gold, or in astrological terms the from where it can descend to rule in an enlightened condition in the realm of Earth.

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