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By Georg Cantor

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Covers addition, multiplication and exponentiation of cardinal numbers, smallest transfinite cardinal numbers, ordinal kinds of uncomplicated ordered aggregates and operations on ordinal varieties. Develops conception of well-ordered aggregates; investigates ordinal numbers of well-ordered aggregates and extra.

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18) lim x--+oo "°' µ(n) = 0. 18) is equivalent to the prime number theorem. 6. 19) A:= µ*ln. 20) that A(mn) = - LLµ(dt)In(dt) = - Lµ(d) Lµ(t){lnd+lnt} dim tin dim tin = Lµ(d){-o(n) Ind+ A(n)} = o(n)A(m) + o(m)A(n). dim Thus A(n) is zero whenever n is not a prime power. 21) A(n) = {lnp (n = p"', v 0 (n =/= p"'). ;;x ~ 1) 2. 7. Euler's totient function 37 are important in the analytic theory of prime numbers. 4. 26) L 1J(x1fk) (x ;;::: 1). For each x, the summation over k is finite since the general term vanishes as soon as 2k > x.

8) is clearly satisfied by fEM. f. 2. 10) l(n) = 1 (n ~ 1). 11) 7=1*1. 6, this provides a new proof for the multiplicativity of the divisor function r. Denote by j the identity function, viz. 12) (n ~ 1). 13) and consequently, we obtain the following result. 7. The "sum of divisors" function a(n) is multiplicative. Of course, the same holds for the functions ak(n) = L dk = (1 * jk)(n) din for any real or complex value of the parameter k. 5. The Mobius inversion formulae For any prime number p and any integer v .

Remark. 12 below easily yields a numerical approximation for c1. 261497. Proof. By Mertens' first theorem, we have, for t R(t) := 2, L lnp - Int= 0(1). _cl{ lnp}- r~ + fx dR(t) tlnt 12- Int Lp- l 2_lnt L p - 12 p~x p~t R(x) R(2-) =ln2 x-ln22 + lnx - ln2 fx R(t) + 12 t(lnt)2 dt, where we have handled the integral involving R(t) by Abel summation. Let R := SUPt;;i, 2- IR(t)I. 8. From this we deduce the stated formula with foo R(t) D c1 = - ln2 2 + 1 + 12 t(ln t) 2 dt. 11. 10. 6. 6. 11. 12 (Mertens formula).

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