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This e-book is a set of translations of contemporary paintings through modern chinese language aestheticians. end result of the relative isolation of China till lately, little is understood of this wealthy and ongoing aesthetics culture in China. even supposing a few of the articles are eager about the conventional historic chinese language theories of paintings and sweetness, many are encouraged by way of Western aesthetics, together with Marxism, and all are curious about cross-cultural comparisons of chinese language and Western aesthetic traditions.

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When they saw this feat, they were exceedingly startled. Wu Taotze grasped his brush and set to work. A sudden storm broke loose. It was an immensely impressive spectacle. Of all the pictures Wu Taotze had painted during his lifetime, none surpassed this picture. 36 Contemporary Chinese Aesthetics A contemporary of Wu Taotze, the calligraphist Chang Hsu, was also greatly inspired, and even improved his calligraphy, by watching the female dancer Kung-sun perform a military dance. The Song calligraphist, Lei Chien-Fu, derived a profound inspiration from listening to the sound of waves.

The thousand things of nature clear in space, The three skies clinging to the painted beams. Space in Chinese Art 39 And these two lines are from a poem by Wang Wei. The waters stretch themselves within the boat. The mountain bridge strides on the boughs of trees. And from other poets, as well. The window's shade shakes shapes to life, The walled-in darkness holds a mountain peak. (by the Tang poet, Chen Tsan) The peaks of autumn scenes upon the wall. (by the Tang poet, Liu Yu-tze) Before the window, far-off mountains hang in freshest green, Below the curtain, sunset-clouds drop in ripe redness.

Joubert speaks of poetry in a similar manner. This world of the poet fmds an adequate expression in the brush of the Chinese painter. The interrelation of poetry and painting in China can be readily apprehended in the remark of the Song poet, Su Tung-po, regarding the Tang poet and painter, Wang Wei: Trying to get the taste of Wang Wei's poems, one perceives painting revealed in his poetry, and glancing at Wang Wei's pictures there is poetry in his painting. Unfortunately, there is little left of Wang Wei's painting.

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