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You can't clarify what sweetness is to the fellow who hasn't ever tasted goodies. you could convey your whole articulateness, yet you can't clarify an easy factor, sweetness. the single method is to supply him a few goodies. Thats what the masters were doing all alongside. instead of telling you what sweetness is, they provide it to you to flavor. They themselves are delivering, their very own presence so that you can style it. Osho
Bodhidharma is termed because the twenty sixth Patriarch within the line emanating from Gautam Buddha. besides the fact that, as Osho says, he indicates even greater flights than Buddhawho wouldn't settle for any lady disciplesas his grasp was once the enlightened lady, Pragyatara.
Buddhism had entered china 600 years prior, and now Pragyatara suggested Bodhidharma to head there and to go on Buddhas crucial message of enlightenment. the sooner messengers of Buddhas teachings had had a good impression at the humans of China, yet none have been enlightened. It used to be now time for the style of awareness, of Awakening, to be handed on.
Osha dissects those 3 volumes of notes from Bodhiddharmas disciples intimately, declaring the place, and the way, the disciples minds have are available in to distort the message of this Buddhaan woke up one.
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Osho is a revolution, inspiring thousands of individuals around the globe together with his method of the technological know-how of internal transformation. but in his personal phrases, he says, i'm not anyone. I dont belong to any kingdom, I dont belong to political celebration. i'm easily anyone, the best way lifestyles created me.
His books and audiobooks are foreign bestsellers and canopy a unprecedented diversity of issues from the knowledge of the phrases mystics to intensely own questions about the interior search.
About the Book
Bodhidharmas assertion is, buddhas dont shop buddhas. he's announcing you're all buddhas no matter if you recognize it or now not, an

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Remember always -- and don't forget for a single moment -- don't say anything which you are not; otherwise you will be falling into a darkness from which it is very difficult to come out. " THE no-MIND IS ALWAYS PRESENT. YOU JUST DON'T SEE IT. No-mind is not a thing. It is not a commodity, it is not an object. No-mind is pure space. It is utter emptiness, it is silence. You cannot hear it. Have you ever thought about it, when you say it is absolutely silent? Do you hear silence? All that you hear is no noise.

But that is the only function of a master: in some way to disturb you, in some way to shake and wake you up. There is nowhere to go and there is nothing to attain. You are already there where you need to be. Seeking is the only sin. Searching is the only way of going astray. Gurdjieff calls it `crystallization'. And he was a man very much like Bodhidharma. If anybody can be put in the same category as Bodhidharma, then Gurdjieff is the man. What he calls crystallization of your being is called by Bodhidharma awakening of your being, or buddhahood.

And my own understanding is, although nobody has been able to tell me .... I have asked great saints and they said, "You bring such strange questions. We have never thought about it and there is no mention of it in any scriptures. " But I said, "It goes on and on. I cannot accept that it is absolutely meaningless because I can see the meaning. When a man dies, his eyes turn upwards. In a dead man's open eyes you will see only the white -- all the black part, the real eye, turns upwards. That creates fear in people.

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