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By Jay Alfred

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This e-book elaborates additional at the suggestion of a "dark Earth" that is coupled to the seen Earth within the context of darkish Plasma concept (using a well known approach). This parallel Earth is the habitat of plasma existence varieties, together with human darkish bioplasma our bodies, and consists thoroughly of low density magnetic plasma. The biosphere of this counterpart Earth is time and again higher than the (currently) noticeable Earth and there's huge, immense biodiversity during this oceanic darkish plasma planet which teems with plasma existence kinds. Unexplained atmospheric plasma (UAP) gadgets which sporadically seem in our skies and express clever habit are manifestations of those co-inhabitants of Earth. reckoning on the (dark) electromagnetic interactions among darkish plasma existence types (including human bioplasma our bodies) with vertical electric fields (radiating from the guts of the Earth) and the plasma density of alternative "shells", existence varieties during this parallel Earth (including human bioplasma our bodies that have decoupled from their associated carbon-based our bodies) gravitate or levitate into specific shells ­ 'higher' shells being coincident with the actual surroundings of the noticeable Earth and 'lower' shells with the crust and inside of the Earth. it really is attainable that those shells were loosely defined as "heavens' and 'hells" within the anecdotal literature.

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All these objects emit light . Plasmas are far more difficult to model than solids, liquids, and gases . The separation of electrons and (positive) ions produce electric fields and the motion of electrons and ions, within the plasma, generate both electric and magnetic fields . The electric fields accelerate the charged particles to high speeds, while the magnetic fields guide and confine them . Magnetic Fields Everywhere! Philipp Kronberg of the University of Toronto finds magnetic fields every place he has looked in the Cosmos: within the Milky Way, in intergalactic areas within galaxy clusters and even outside clusters .

Philipp Kronberg of the University of Toronto finds magnetic fields every place he has looked in the Cosmos: within the Milky Way, in intergalactic areas within galaxy clusters and even outside clusters . angela Olinto working at the University of Chicago believes that magnetic fields existed at or shortly after the Big Bang. It has influenced subsequent galaxy formation and even 32 our magnetic plasma (magma) universe | Chapter 5 the distribution of matter now seen imprinted in the cosmic microwave background.

Metaphysicists have long known about the existence of these spheres which interpenetrate the ordinarily visible physical Earth; and have given them names as follows (in ascending order of their frequency and dimensionality): Earth’s 3d-double or the ‘physical-etheric’ sphere, the 4d astral 48 super magmaverses and magmaspheres | Chapter 7 and other higher dimensional spheres (called by various names, including ‘spiritual,’ ‘causal’ and ‘mental’). Since the super universes of metaphysicists have been identified as magmaverses (or magma universes), these spheres are described as ‘magmaspheres’ in this book.

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