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By Dean R. Koontz

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ISBN-13: 9780927389075

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New blood slowly welled, ran down the leg. Hulann injected the green fluid into several points about the wound, then bound the thigh in a pressure bandage of light, two-molecule cloth that had almost no bulk. The bleeding stopped. "It will be healed in three to four days," he said. "We had these bandages too. " "They're ugly. " Hulann winced. His double stomach burned on both levels with acidic agitation. Surely his guilt index must have risen higher than eighteen points. Or was it merely that his guilt was now a conscious thing?

His body was still. His hands and feet did not move. "That noise," Leo said. " Hulann was perplexed. "Mirth," he said. " "It sounds like a drain that's clogged," Leo said. " Hulann began laughing again. "To me you sound strange. I had not noticed before. You sound like some birds that we have on my world. " They laughed some more until they were tired. " the boy asked when they had sat in comfortable silence for some minutes. The depression settled on Hulann again. "Not long. And you can stay for even a shorter time.

Surely his guilt index must have risen higher than eighteen points. Or was it merely that his guilt was now a conscious thing? "But I am a naoli," he argued. " The boy did not answer. When Hulann clamped down the top of the medical kit, the boy said, "My name's Leo. Do you have one? " He thought it over, nodded his yellow head with approval. "I'm eleven. " To lie seemed a greater crime than all the acts of war. "No, no. We have a long life span. Your kind dies at a hundred and fifty. " They sat in silence a time, listening to the rustle of things in the rubble, to the moaning wind that had picked up above and somehow found its way down into this dungeon.

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