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Considered one of Leonard King's works from the early days of Assyriology in 1896. This paintings is "The Prayers of the Lifting of the Hand," and represents the cuneiform texts of a gaggle of Babylonian and Assyrian incantations and magical formulae edited with transliterations, translations, and whole vocabulary from drugs of the Kuyunjik collections preserved within the British Museum. Contents: Prayers addressed to: Deities; Gods; Goddesses; Astral Deities; Prayers opposed to the evils; Vocabulary.

I came upon this model on the internet and it sounds as if to be a reasonably decently scanned reproduction from a library (Kansas urban it seems), as evidenced by way of the date stamps within the hide. whereas the ISBN references a extra smooth re-print, this seems to be a duplicate of the unique print.

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Read the foundation of (that) day a power unrivalled etc", teferring to the thirtieth day of group is 1 plant 1. day of JENSEN, Kosmologie, pp. 91, 106. | ma as "the ilu The :|y|jl 4 of Rxn. V, which the names of plants are enumerated in short This plant may have been so named prescriptions. MIS. That were used against such evils is clear from K. , 1. 4) muma ina from, its certain prescriptions arah^zsdni umi (cf. ] p. 787). C2 PRAYERS TO GROUPS OF 12 DEITIES. But this explanthe preceding line.

To reduce this inconvenience as far as ^possible I have collected together all the matter referring to each tablet. full transliteration of the text is first given which is followed by a description and A translation of the prayers, incantations and ceremonies that it contains. The notes follow the translation, the numbers at the head of each paragraph referring which the note in question deals. to the line of the text with In the Transliteration those portions of the text that have been restored are placed within square brackets, while the signs within round brackets always denote Variant readings are given at the foot cate tablets being cited by the capitals tration numbers of which are in each phonetic complements.

9 10 , occurs. ; 13 11. six 10 , f. 9 1. , where the passages given 7 fifteen sections x which lines, connection with other in 3 11. ; 28 36, ff. 11. ; 44, 11. 3 flf. of XXIX INTRODUCTION. 1 greater detail, while some cannot be classified as in each case the has been preserved. only beginning is commonest injunction in these ceremonial secto the effect that the recital of the incantation is far the By tions one be accompanied by the burning of to The formula incense. shalt usually reads "a censer of incense before the god thou set", though sometimes the kind of incense to be employed is specified, and at other times the wood is mentioned, from when lighted, the censers are to drink-offerings and libations are also of which, It is from the longer sections, be kindled.

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