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What did the Russian revolution of 1917 and the Iranian revolution of 1978-1979 proportion along with their drama? How will we examine a revolution led via Lenin with one encouraged via Khomeini? How is a revolution established totally on the city operating classification just like one based to an important measure on conventional teams just like the bazaaris, small craftsmen, and spiritual scholars and preachers? deciding on a particular path to modernity--autocratic modernization--Tim McDaniel explores the dilemmas inherent within the efforts of autocratic monarchies in Russia and Iran to remodel their nations into glossy business societies.

Originally released in 1991.

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This greater complexity benefited the tsars in their ability to shape society—they no longer sought to impose modernization on a largely unprepared society. But the subtle interconnections of the autocratic regime with a partly modernized society also had its drawbacks, as the remaining autocratic controls jarred even more strongly with the demand for political participation, and as the profound contradictions of the process of autocratic modernization were reflected in the state apparatus itself.

In this sense, the Iranian clergy occupied a position parallel to that of the Old Believers in Russia, except that they were not a persecuted sect. The sources of the Iranian clergy's independence from the state in the modern period are multiple. Here it will be sufficient to list some of the main contrasts with Russian Orthodoxy. First, beginning with the Petrine reforms, the Russian state imposed its bureaucratic controls over the church hierarchy. By the time of Nicholas I, the church somewhat resembled a state ministry, with its new offices located in St.

5 One of the key weaknesses of Peter's reforms had been their lack of social rootedness. He did little to improve local administration, and Russian society was not sufficiently organized to absorb and promote his policies through a network of associations. Coming to power at a time when the gap between Europe and Russia had widened significantly, Catherine sought to introduce into her country elements of the estate system, which was already becoming an anachronism in Europe. Reversing Peter's tactics, 4 See Marc Raeff, The Well-Ordered Police State (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1983).

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