Steven Brust's Athyra PDF

By Steven Brust

ISBN-10: 0441033423

ISBN-13: 9780441033423

Vlad Taltos, sorcerer, someday witch, and previous murderer, and his trustworthy jhereg tackle the most important hitters of the home of the Jhereg.

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As I said,” continued Vlad, “I think I knew him. I want to at least find out why he looks so familiar. ” He dug a copper piece out of a pouch at his belt, put it on the counter, then nodded to the room at large and made his way through the curtain in the back of the room, presumably to return to the chamber where he was staying. Everyone watched him; no one spoke. The sound of his footsteps echoed unnaturally loud, and Savn fancied that he could even hear the rustle of fabric as Vlad pushed aside the door-curtain, and a scraping sound from above as a bird perched on the roof of the house.

Mae stared for a moment longer, then clicked the team closer. “There’s Master Wag,” said Polyi, glancing at Savn as if he would be able to provide an explanation. They got a little closer, finally stopping some twenty feet down the narrow street from the crowd and the cart. Savn and Polyi stood up and craned their necks. “It’s a dead man,” said Savn in an awed whisper. “He’s right,” said Pae. “Come along,” said Mae. ” “But, Mae—” said Polyi. “Hush now,” said Pae. “Your mother is right. ” Polyi said, “Don’t you want to know—” “We’ll hear everything later, no doubt,” said Mae.

A jhereg? ” “On your roof,” said Savn. “Right above the window,” said Coral. Tern glanced out, then pulled his head back in slowly, filling the boys with equal measures of admiration and envy. “You’re right,” he said. ” said Coral. Tem nodded. He seemed about to speak further, but at that moment, preceded by a heavy thumping of boots, Vlad appeared once more. “Good evening,” he said. Savn decided that what was remarkable about his voice was that it was so normal, and it ought not to be. It should be either deep and husky to match his build, or high and fluty to match his size, yet he sounded completely human.

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