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Transparent, concise, and persuasive, Atheist Universe information precisely why God is senseless to give an explanation for the universe and life's variety, association, and sweetness. the writer completely rebuts each argument that says to ''prove'' God's life — arguments in accordance with good judgment, good judgment, philosophy, ethics, historical past and technology.

Atheist Universe avoids the esoteric language utilized by philosophers and provides its medical proof in basic lay phrases, making it a richly wonderful and easy-to-read advent to atheism. A complete primer, it addresses the entire old and clinical questions, together with: Is there facts that God doesn't exist? What proof is there of Jesus' resurrection? Can production technological know-how reconcile scripture with the newest medical discoveries?

Atheist Universe additionally solutions moral matters reminiscent of: what's the which means of existence with out God? it is a spellbinding inquiry that eventually arrives at a arguable and well-documented end.

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But the 33 ATHEIST UNIVERSE most obvious is that the same argument can be applied to any religion—not just to Christianity. For example, I could say that, since we have everything to gain and nothing to lose by converting to Islam, we should all become Muslims. Or since we have everything to gain and nothing to lose by being Hindu, we should all adopt Hinduism. Christians never stop to consider that they are in just as much danger of going to the Muslim hell as 1, an atheist, am in danger of going to the Christian hell.

I'm genuinely afraid that, unless we start teaching some real science in our miserable public schools, we may find that 21st-century America suffers an —GORE VIDAL, writer, in intellectual climate resembling At Home (1988) that of the Dark Ages. We tend to believe that, once knowledge has been acquired and technology developed by man, these gains are "locked in" and the future will only build upon these past achievements. But history argues forcefully against such an optimistic assumption. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians, for example, made amazing scientific discoveries and wrote detailed scientific analyses that the Christian Church later destroyed and suppressed for centuries.

But too often, religions define morality in terms of whether a person belongs to the "correct" religion, rather than in terms of whether an individual treats others fairly and compassionately. Protestant Fundamentalists believe, moreover, that non-Christians are necessarily ethically inferior to Christians. Such "thinking" leads inevitably to bigotry, prejudice and Holy War. The bloody history of Christianity would lead any objective person to conclude that religion in general—and the Christian 47 ATHEIST UNIVERSE religion in particular—has been a moral abomination to mankind.

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