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By Shlomo Giora Shoham

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Myths have lengthy been thought of the major linkage among nature and tradition, yet we carry that they're greater than this. The mythogene, that's our conceptualization of a connecting constitution, hyperlinks topic and item, heritage and transcendence, yet in particular is the blueprint for creativity. the amount bargains, for that reason, with the cutting edge belief of the writer as to the method of creativity. Van Gogh had a revelation as to how the whirling cypresses and dancing stars might examine evening. those constructions, which include a complementarity among his stories and longings, are then ingrained within the creative medium. considering his inventive efforts have been actual, his ecstatic (in the Greek experience) mind set, extricated itself from diachronic background and soared onto synchronic eternity. this is often how we understand his paintings as clean, exhilarating and significant as though painted this present day; it's the verbal exchange inside of eternity of real artwork from artist to viewers. the quantity additionally provides a category of sorts of artists as regarding their paintings and offers and cutting edge conception as to the hyperlink among insanity and creativity.

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This is the essence of all religious and mystical experience. Once one’s life is imbued with meaning through transcendental, revelatory experiences, one is never alienated, and always knows one’s value within the trinitarian configuration of consciousness, energy-matter, and man, the anthropic meta-structure. This phenomenon is related to the prevalence of mytho-empirical, trinitarian projections in India, the ancient Middle East, and of course, Christianity. The evolutionary viability of meaningfulness is also apparent in the Kabbalist notion of tikkun (mending).

Kant, seeking absolutes, saw in art a method of producing beauty as an end in itself. Art must be disinterested, in the sense that it should not be a means to any other end except the pure pleasure of perceiving the beautiful. Santayana also subscribed to the idea that the function of art is to create beauty for the sheer pleasure of perceiving it. He said that beauty is objectified pleasure, or rather, pleasure derived from the quality of a thing. ”39 We do not accept this statement, since the force with which Picasso’s Guernica strikes us is not generated by beauty, but by sheer rage against destruction and by desperate indignation against the slaughter of the innocents.

This is conveyed to the audience as a dialogic, maieutic linkage, which cannot be effected by any other means. The magnificent Primavera by Botticelli is a masterful embodiment of mythogenes of longing. Cupid aims his arrows of love at the scantily clad three Graces. Flora, the goddess of spring, scatters flowers in the path of the viewer, who is enticingly invited by Venus to enter the garden of love. Goodman is also wrong in his conception of the consensual basis of representation. The representation of an object is related to the style of a painter, and the style is determined, as we have already pointed out, by the social character, as complemented by the artist’s position on the participant-separant personality continuum.

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