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Il 135MMURIEV,a, Wenwu,1993,8:1-ii. :PeterLang,1997), 287. 27:2, 27:5. 74. Wenwu, 1963,2:13-24, pls. 9,1so. Seenote 49 above. "FuyangShuanggudui mu fajuebaogao"(Excavationreportof the tombof the WesternHanmarquisof Ruyin in FuyangShanggudui) l Wenwu, 1978, 8:12-31. Foradditionalcomparativeexamplesof animalornamentin southerncontexts,see Jenny So in Fong, GreatBronzeAge of China, 331. Wang Zhongshu, Han Civilization, loi. ;WangZhongshu, Han Civilization, iol. Forlatefourth-century Chubronzevessels with inlay,presumablyproducedin the Chu capital,see the examplesfoundin Chutomb 2 at Wangshan, Jiangling,Hubei(Wenwu, 1966,5:33-55),andin Baoshan,Jingmen, Hubei (Yang, GoldenAge of Chinese Archaeology,no.

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