Architectural Body (Modern & Contemporary Poetics) by Shusaku Arakawa, Madeline Gins PDF

By Shusaku Arakawa, Madeline Gins

ISBN-10: 0817311696

ISBN-13: 9780817311698

Arakawa/Gins-as they're recognized within the visible arts world-have by no means been effortless to categorize, as their oeuvre contains experimental poetry (Gins's What the President Will Say and Do!!), phenomenological mind-busters (the seminal conceptual book/installation The Mechanism of Meaning), dense meditations on proprioceptive being (Helen Keller or Arakawa), and their such a lot sustained venture, the architectural investigations known as Reversible future, which branched off into significant indicates on the Guggenheim, a couple of large coffee-table books and a precise Reversible future urban now in development in Japan. Architectural physique is one among their extra approachable, yet no much less playful, distillations of the options. It envisions a person acquiring regulate over the very ahead circulate of one's physique via time by means of allowing structure to extend the parameters of one's sensorium, even to dangle to it-so that, actually, one wears one's residence like a coat: "ROBERT: but when I'm to be a tent pole or a caryatid, how am i able to additionally sit down in a chair? ARAKAWA: If we begin the shape, different spines in the surrounding fabric will kick in and take over... for ten mins at a time." That this publication seems in a chain dedicated to "poetics" is simply: Gins and Arakawa argue for a brand new language for architecture-even new phrases, corresponding to "coordinology" and "bioscleave" (for biosphere)-that is as unusual and decided as William Blake's, and as icily postmodern (because they look like critical) as Baudrillard, Hakim Bey or the writers linked to Autonomedia. Architectural physique earrings as a progressive name to non-public corporation that remembers the heady first years of Surrealism, yet with a language that still suits such fresh phenomena because the Burning guy competition, notwithstanding this books feels larger.

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He is certainly not issuing direct responses to probable existents. Even so, puzzle pieces need to be given de¤nite shapes and precisely positioned, and both these tasks are, by de¤nition, speci¤c to perceptual landing sites. This leads us to conclude that imaging landing sites act, for Dahlke, as stand-ins for visual perceptual ones. We ¤nd these mimics keying polyominos or salient features of polyominos into position in ways more in keeping with events and actions of a seen world than an imaged one.

We may not yet know how we are connected to the world, but we do know that we are. Let us be precise or suitably imprecise about what we do know so far. Adopting as a theoretical posit the concept of a landing site, we seek to make and keep explicit an otherwise hidden-in- LANDING SITES plain-sight constant of awareness: all things and events have speci¤c positionings. Intent on tracking a person’s apportioning out of thinking-feeling to form a world that she then interacts with, and wondering whether it is at all valid to think of a “depositing” of sited awareness everywhere around one, we establish a schematic domain of landing sites.

In addition to having locatings and notings throughout his body (kinesthetic perceptual landing sites) and sounds and odors coming at him from every direction (aural and olfactory perceptual landing sites), Dahlke feels feet in shoes and shoes on terrain, clothing wherever it touches his skin; sitting upon a chair, he feels it along his back and arms and across his bottom, or lying upon a bed, his head upon a plumped pillow, he feels the cushioning surface along his back, neck, and head, or along the front of his body, or along one side of his body (tactile perceptual landing sites all).

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