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Constructions of type Number, Const_symbol , Var_symbol or String are called operands. 1). 1 shall be produced. 5), respectively. 2) only occurs if no other recognition is possible. 43) Interaction between levels of syntax When the lexical process recognizes tokens to be supplied to the top level, there can be changes made or tokens added. Recognition is performed by the lexical process and the top level process in a synchronized way. The tokens produced by the lexical level can be affected by what the top level syntax has recognized.

If the binary_string does not contain any occurrence of a binary_digit a string of length 0 is passed to the top syntax level. The occurrences of binary_digit are concatenated to form a number in radix 2. Zero digits are added at the left if necessary to make the number of digits a multiple of 8. 2 shall be produced. 5. The encoding is supplied to the top syntax level as a STRING token. – Hex_string supplies the converted hexadecimal string to the top syntax level as a STRING token, after checking conformance to the hex_string syntax.

1. 3 API_Drop Syntax: API_Drop(Symbol) where: Symbol is a symbol. Semantics: Drop the variable identified by Symbol. 1. 4 API_SetDirect Syntax: API_SetDirect(Symbol, Value) where: Symbol is a direct symbol. Value is the string whose value is to be assigned to the variable. Semantics: 25 ANSI X3J18-199X Assign the value of Value to the variable identified by Symbol. 5 API_ValueDirect Syntax: API_ValueDirect(Symbol) where: Symbol is a direct symbol. Semantics: Return the value of the variable identified by Symbol.

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