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By Satya Komatineni, Dave MacLean

ISBN-10: 1484208544

ISBN-13: 9781484208540

Android Fragments is a 100-page speedy begin sped up advisor to studying and fast utilizing Android fragments. You'll the way to code for fragments; take care of config adjustments; code for normal vs. fragmented dialogs; paintings with personal tastes and saving country; paintings with the compatibility library; and deal with complicated async projects and growth dialogs.

After studying and utilizing this publication, that is in line with fabric from the best-selling professional Android, you'll be an Android UI savant. not less than, your apps' person interfaces and occasion dealing with could be extra aggressive and higher appearing, specifically for tablet-optimized UIs and occasions.

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This is the old-school way of creating a dialog. java: A very simple fragment that displays a help message from the application’s resources. The specific help message is identified when a help dialog object is created. This help fragment can be shown from both the main activity and the prompt dialog fragment. java: An interface that you require your activity to implement in order to get messages back from the fragments. Using an interface means your fragments don’t need to know much about the calling activity, except that it must have implemented this interface.

For your sample application, you implement a details activity; the code is in Listing 1-10. Listing 1-10. ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE) { // If the screen is now in landscape mode, it means // that your MainActivity is being shown with both // the titles and the text, so this activity is // no longer needed. Bail out and let the MainActivity // do all the work. = null) { // This is another way to instantiate a details // fragment. commit(); } } } There are several interesting aspects to this code. For one thing, it is really easy to implement.

You display a simple page of text and set up a menu. Each menu item invokes an activity method, and each method does basically the same thing: gets a fragment transaction, creates a new fragment, and shows the fragment. Note that each fragment has a unique tag that’s used with the fragment transaction. This tag becomes associated with the fragment in the fragment manager, so you can locate these fragments later by tag name. The fragment can also determine its own tag value with the getTag() method on Fragment.

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