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By Basil Copper

ISBN-10: 0870540793

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'[The writer] has explored this grimly somber realm of human truth with a sensitivity and ability that's nearly remarkable one of the myth writers of our age. All seven stories in [this booklet] deal with the topic of loss of life, yet in every one example this universal subject matter has been magically transmuted during the incomarable alchemy of Copper's significant macabre imagination.'

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You’ve not marked her burial place with so much as a stick,” I said, the magnitude of the hurt leaving privacy and dignity in ruins. “Did no one recall she had family to mourn her, to give her honor to ease her Veil journey? ” My companion’s fluttering hands dismissed my concerns, his bony wrists protruding from his sleeves as if he had put on a younger apprentice’s gown. “The chancellor determined we could afford no delay in such untidy circumstances. A master mage came from Merona and laid heavy enchantments about her body to ensure nothing of her mistakes lingered to harm others.

I nudged Ladyslipper to Duplais’ side as he slowed, though every part of me wanted to kick her to a gallop. I had no other defender. “Hey up, steward . . wimman’s heinend . . ” The flat, contemptuous hail snapped through the woodland like a whipcrack. ” CHAPTER 4 1 OCET, EVENING The variegated gloom disgorged three bulky men in hammered leather. Heart thumping, I hauled on Ladyslipper’s reins. She came around sweetly, but two riders blocked our retreat. Duplais sat petrified on his chestnut. ” The cloaked swordsman who stepped forward wore a full leather mask, shaped so like a human face, one expected the narrow lips to issue a blessing.

Returning his attention to the vicinity of my head, Duplais drew a folded paper from his doublet. ” My fists released their hard clench. He’d not brought ill news of my hostage brother or notice that my father’s ashes had been scattered in an unknown location, according to the law of Sabria, as the king’s judgment prescribed. Yet a summons could mean anything. The paper was heavy and rich, my name in bold, sweeping script. I turned it over and my spirit petrified. The red wax was imprinted with the royal seal of Sabria.

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