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This theorem has been said to be “the coronation of Takagi’s class field theory”. Even before the appearance of his paper [Art27], Artin informed Hasse about his result and its proof. There followed an intense exchange of letters between Hasse and Artin discussing the consequences of Artin’s Reciprocity Law. Already in his first such letter dated July 17, 1927, Artin mentioned that probably Hilbert’s version of the reciprocity law may now be proved in full generality. Later he asked Hasse whether he could do it and Hasse agreed.

This is the one which he had dedicated to Emmy Noether and in which, among other topics, he repeats the proof of the Main Theorem more systematically. There he says at the corresponding spot on page 749: Ein solches hinreichend scharfes Existenztheorem hat inzwischen Engström [1] bewiesen. Auch ergibt sich ein solches, wohl in größtmöglicher Allgemeinheit, aus der kürzlich erschienenen Dissertation von Grunwald [1]; siehe Grunwald [2]. 24 The footnote continues to announce that this existence theorem will be another one in a series of former existence theorems proved by Hasse – same remark as we had already seen above in the paper [AH32].

So the local criterion, although it is one of the basic foundations on which the Main Theorem rests, remained somewhat hidden in the Brauer–Hasse–Noether paper – another sign that the preparation of the manuscript was done in great haste. It was so well hidden that even five months later Emmy Noether was not aware that its proof was contained in the paper of which she was a co-author after all. In her letter of April 27, 1932 she wrote, referring to a recent paper of Köthe: 21 21 Gottfried Köthe (1905–1989) was a young post-doc who in 1928/1929 came to Göttingen to study mainly with Emmy Noether and van der Waerden.

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