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While the glorious concord in nature is obviously observable in spite of the bare eye, how can it's attainable to imagine that this layout used to be verified haphazardly and fortuitously? absolutely, there needs to be an proprietor of this layout present in bodies and attaining the remotest corners of the awfully significant universe. This booklet is a summons to consider the universe and the residing issues Allah has created and to determine the perfection of their production.

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A person who has never seen the huge nests built by blind termites would probably think that they are made up of sand piles heaped upon each other. However, a termite nest proves to be of a marvellous design incomprehensible to the human mind: inside there are intersecting tunnels, corridors, ventilation systems, special fungus production yards and safety exits. The Signs in the Heavens and on the Earth 49 Being no taller than a few centimetres, termites can erect skyscrapers many metres high without using any tools.

Elegant butterfly. Neither the action taken by the mother silkworm to protect its eggs, nor the behaviour of a tiny caterpillar devoid of any awareness, education or knowledge can be explained by evolution. First of all, the ability of the mother to produce the thread it uses to secure its eggs is miraculous. The newly-born caterpillar's knowing the most suitable environment for itself, its spinning a cocoon in accordance with it, its undergoing a metamorphosis, and its coming through this metamorphosis without any problem are beyond human comprehension.

17 It is still a great mystery to researchers how an insect can harbour inside itself a powerful system potent enough to trigger a chemical reaction that could easily cause it harm while also isolating itself from the effects of that system. No doubt, the existence and working of this system is too complicated to be attributed to the insect itself. It is still a matter of discussion how the bombardier beetle makes such a system work within its tiny body measuring about 2 cm in length, when human experts can perform it only in laboratories.

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