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By J. W. S. Cassels, A. Frohlich

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This publication offers a brisk, thorough therapy of the principles of algebraic quantity concept on which it builds to introduce extra complicated subject matters. all through, the authors emphasize the systematic improvement of options for the categorical calculation of the elemental invariants reminiscent of earrings of integers, classification teams, and devices, combining at each one level idea with specific computations.

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G. 74). Let the triangle ABC be acute-angled, and let P ≡ O in (10). Then OA is an altitude in triangle OBC, so R2 − OA = √ We obtain the curious inequality a2 . 4 4R2 − a2 ≤ 3R. 98). 2 Finally, we give two applications of (2). Let ABC be acute-angled, and let AA , BB , CC be the altitudes, and O1 , O2 , O3 the midpoints of the segments BC, AC, AB - respectively. Then it is well known that OO1 = AH , 2 OO2 = BH , 2 c OO3 = . 2 First apply (2) for p ≡ H. Then it results 2(HA + HB + HC ) ≤ HA + HB + HC.

Wiles has proved that (10) has no non-trivial solutions, the proof of Theorem 3 is completed. Bibliography 1. J. S´andor, Right triangles and Diophantine equations (Romanian), Lucr. Sem. Didactica Mat. 9(1993), 173-180. 41 11 On Heron Triangles, III 1. Let ABC be a triangle with lengths of sides BC = a, AC = b, AB = c positive integers. Then ABC is called a Heron triangle (or simply, H-triangle) if its area ∆ = Area(ABC) is an integer number. The theory of H-triangles has a long history and certain results are many times rediscovered.

E. sin A − sin A ≥ sin3 A. (21) This inequality is due to J. S´andor. 157. 158) gives 9 am2a ≥ abc. a (22) 4. Finally, we consider some simple, but nice inequalities. Let A ≥ 90◦ and P an arbitrary point in the plane (or space). Then one has P A2 ≤ P B 2 + P C 2 . (23) Let A1 be the midpoint of BC. Then P A2 ≤ (P A1 + AA1 )2 ≤ 2(P A21 + AA21 ) = P B 2 + P C 2 − 2 a2 − AA21 , 4 where we have applied the known formula for the median P A1 . 17). Thus, (23) follows, with equality only if A = 90◦ and P is the forth vertex of the rectangle P BAC.

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