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Because of the well-known problems with the standard English rendition of Graetz, I have chosen to provide my own translation, based upon the second edition (Leipzig. 1873). THE HISTORIOGRAPHICAL LEGACY OF SALO W. BARON 35 immersion in modern Jewish history, yet another example of the fresh notions that Baron's personal odyssey brought to his study of the medieval Jewish experience. Let us turn our attention to a third and 'somewhat broader impact of Baron's orientation toward the modern upon his work in medieval Jewish history.

He was supportive of my thesis and further suggested the importance of understanding Baron's upbringing. Gartner notes Baron's upper-middle-class roots and his immersion, from childhood on, in the world of business and affairs. This gave Baron, according to Gartner, a perspective significantly different from that of most Jewish historians, recruited from the world of the yeshivot and the intelligentsia. Gartner's observations seem to me very important. As noted at the outset and the conclusion of this essay, much work remains to be done on the historical oeuvre and thought of Salo Wittmayer Baron.

49. 8. , p. 119. In the German original, p. 103. 9. Simon Dubnow, Weltgeschichte des judischen Volkes, 10 vols. (Berlin, 1925-29). 10. Simon Dubnow, Nationalism and History, ed. Koppel S. Pinson (Philadelphia, 1958), p. 339. 11. , p. 340. 12. Salo W. Baron, History and Jewish Historians (Philadelphia, 1964), p. xiv. '3 Probably his finest work and surely still the best on the subject, Baron's comprehensive treatment is inconceivable without Dubnov's example and preparation. As in other areas, Baron, the product of extensive academic training in Vienna, solidified, enlarged upon, and corrected initiatives taken by Dubnov, who had himself been denied all access to a Russian university education, but was gifted with fine historical instincts, fierce self-discipline, and a facile pen.

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