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ISBN-10: 2100494724

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In her disorientation, she loses all sense of identity, asks: "QUI interroge? Le meme repond. Le meme ecrit, efface une meme ligne. Ce ne sont que des ecritures sur des eaux" (0 n, p. 1389). Her future lies in a fas- 22 Genealogies of the text cination with some internal vitiation of thought, an anticipation, I would suggest, of the Parque's tear: "une perle abstraite roulerait future dans le repli de la pensee ordinaire: une loi etonnante, confondue a celui qui la cherche, habiterait ceci: un instant livrerait cette perle ...

The essential relation to presence, in Klossowski as in Benjamin, is the principal casualty of photographic technique. Painting/photography: the split around which Benjamin's article is organized reproduces a crucial division between the first and second volumes of Klossowski's novelistic trilogy, Les Lois de Vhospitalite. For if Octave's obsession in La Revocation de VEdit de Nantes is his collection of paintings, Roberte, ce soir, the quasi-play 33 34 Genealogies of the text that follows, is centered on a humiliating photograph he has taken of his wife as her dress catches fire and she is saved by her ravisher: Roberte, ce soir-la.

Whereby we again encounter the affirmative or non-exclusive use of the "disjunctive syllogism," which is, in Deleuze's reading, Klossowski's signal and anti-Kantian innovation. Turn now to Hamann's "Metacritique of the Purism of Reason," published posthumously in 1800.

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