Mendel Cooper's Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide PDF

By Mendel Cooper

This can be the whole reference at the Borne back shell (bash). quantity 1Volume 2 comprises all appendices.

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Wait Stop script execution until all jobs running in background have terminated, or until the job number or process id specified as an option terminates. Returns the exit status of waited-for command. html (1 of 5) [7/15/2002 6:33:53 PM] Job Control Commands You may use the wait command to prevent a script from exiting before a background job finishes executing (this would create a dreaded orphan process). Example 11-19. /bin/bash ROOT_UID=0 # Only users with $UID 0 have root privileges. " updatedb /usr & # Must be run as root.

Nl' sees this as line 3 since it does not number blank lines. # 'cat -n' sees the above line as number 5. nl `basename $0` echo; echo # Now, let's try it with 'cat -n' cat -n `basename $0` # The difference is that 'cat -n' numbers the blank lines. # Note that 'nl -ba' will also do so. exit 0 pr Print formatting filter. This will paginate files (or stdout) into sections suitable for hard copy printing or viewing on screen. Various options permit row and column manipulation, joining lines, setting margins, numbering lines, adding page headers, and merging files, among other things.

Then echo "Usage: `basename $0` pattern" exit $E_BADARGS fi echo for file in * # Traverse all files in $PWD. do output=$(sed -n /"$1"/p $file) # Command substitution. if [ ! -z "$output" ] # What happens if "$output" is not quoted? then echo -n "$file: " echo $output fi # sed -ne "/$1/s|^|${file}: |p" is equivalent to above. html (9 of 19) [7/15/2002 6:33:48 PM] Text Processing Commands done echo exit 0 # # # # Exercises: --------1) Add newlines to output, if more than one match in any given file.

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