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By Arthur Jones

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The well-known difficulties of squaring the circle, doubling the dice, and trisecting the attitude have captured the mind's eye of either specialist and beginner mathematician for over thousand years. those difficulties, although, haven't yielded to only geometrical equipment. It used to be merely the improvement of summary algebra within the 19th century which enabled mathematicians to reach on the miraculous end that those buildings will not be attainable. this article goals to improve the summary algebra.

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Firstly note that {I, (3,(32, .. , (3"} is a set of n + 1 numbers which are all in IF (0'), since IF (0') is closed under multiplication. Because IF (0') is an n-dimensional vector space over IF, this set must be linearly dependent, which means that there are scalars do, d l , ... ,dk in IF (not all zero) with k ::; n such that (3) If do = 0 in (3), we could divide by (3 (or multiply by 1/(3) to reduce the number of terms in (3). By repeating this if necessary, we see that (3) can be assumed to hold with do =1= O.

0, a j , ... , a n- I, a n in IF , + a I 0' + a 2O'2 + . . + a,, _IO' n- j + anO' = 0 . 11 The last statement may ring a few bells! Wher e have you seen it b efor e? Well, to put things in context recall that, since IF is a subfield of C, we can regard C as a vector space 011er IF. ) Now the numbers are all eleme nts of C, and hen ce ca n be regarded as vectors in t he vector space C over IF. The coefficients aO,a j,a2, . ,a n -],a n, on t he other hand, are all in F so we can regard them as scalars .

Ext ending Fi eld s 41 So let x E Q()2 ) b e such that x f O. Thus = a + bV2 ol' b f o. It follows a - bV2 f 0 x wher e a, se Q and a fO that by t he lin ear ind ep enden ce of t he set {I , )2}. Thus 1 1 x - a+b)2 1 - a + b)2 a - b)2 a - b)2 = (a 2 ~ 2b2) + C2=b2b2) V2 whi ch is ag a in an eleme nt of Q( )2), since a/ (a 2_ 2b2) and -b/ (a 2- 2b2) are b oth in Q. • The followin g proposi tion gives a way of describing Q( J2") as a field with a certain prop er ty. 1 , in volves proving a set inclu sion.

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