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By Charles Fernyhough

ISBN-10: 1101029307

ISBN-13: 9781101029305

A father's intimate examine his daughter's constructing brain from start to age three

Unlike the other time in our lives, we bear in mind virtually not anything from our first 3 years. As babies, not just are we love the proverbial clean slate yet our stories are like teflon: not anything sticks. during this superbly written account of his daughter's first 3 years, Charles Fernyhough combines his brilliant observations with a synthesis of developmental thought, re-creating what that point, misplaced to the reminiscence of adults, is like from a child's perspective.

In A Thousand Days of Wonder, Fernyhough, a psychologist and novelist, makes an attempt to get within his daughter's head as she acquires the entire schools that make us human, together with social abilities, language, morality, and a feeling of self. Written with a father's tenderness and a novelist's empathy and magnificence, this specified booklet faucets right into a parent's ask yourself on the procedures of mental improvement.

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