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Qxd 6/6/02 13:56 Page 5 FROM TSARISM TO REVOLUTION, 1896–1917 single-tracked. The Japanese by contrast could easily replenish their resources from the Japanese islands. Both the Russian Pacific Fleet and the Russian Far Eastern Army were based on the Liaotung Peninsula, but both were put under immediate pressure by Japan. On January 27, 1904, the war began when Japanese units attacked the Russian Pacific Fleet at Port Arthur. Though the attack was repelled, the Fleet was effectively hemmed in, and it became the focus of further Japanese assaults.

A. Brusilov was appointed commander-in-chief of the Russian army of the Southwestern Front. He had been in charge of the Russian 8th Army in Galicia. Reserves were moved covertly to the front, and plans were made to link an artillery barrage with a sudden, surprise attack on Austrian troops. The tactics worked well, and on a wide front the Russians advanced in waves all the way to the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. 5 million. Once again, the Russians appeared to be very close to a decisive victory over Austria-Hungary, but Brusilov’s problems increased as the attack continued.

Qxd 24 6/6/02 13:56 Page 24 MOTHERLAND by a brass band and representatives from the Soviet, including its chairman, Chkeidze, only too happy to welcome a seasoned socialist leader to the new utopian Russia. Lenin, ignoring Chkeidze, immediately gave a speech in which he welcomed the forthcoming socialist revolution. The “bourgeois” revolution was hardly over, and already he was anticipating the next phase in Marxist doctrine. Lenin had grown hungry for power.

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