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A description of 148 algorithms primary to number-theoretic computations, particularly for computations with regards to algebraic quantity concept, elliptic curves, primality checking out and factoring. the 1st seven chapters consultant readers to the guts of present examine in computational algebraic quantity idea, together with fresh algorithms for computing type teams and devices, in addition to elliptic curve computations, whereas the final 3 chapters survey factoring and primality checking out equipment, together with a close description of the quantity box sieve set of rules. the entire is rounded off with an outline of accessible machine applications and a few worthy tables, sponsored via quite a few routines. Written by means of an expert within the box, and one with nice functional and instructing adventure, this is often guaranteed to develop into the traditional and vital reference at the topic.

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When the group is finite, the order of any element divides the order of the group. 4 The Legendre Symbol primitive root of (Z/nZ)* if and only if its order is exactly equal to ¢(n). 2. (1) (Fermat). If p is a prime and a is not divisible by p, then we have aP - 1 == 1 (mod p) . (2) (Euler). More generally, if n is a positive integer, then for any integer a coprime to n we have a¢(n) == 1 (mod n) , and even a¢(n)/2 if n is not equal to 2, 4, == 1 (mod n) po. or 2po. with p an odd prime. To compute the order of an element in a finite group G, we use the following straightforward algorithm.

Hence we suggest using it systematically in this case. (2) All the divisions by 2 performed in this algorithm must be done using shifts or Boolean operations, otherwise the algorithm loses much of its attractiveness. In particular, it may be worthwhile to program it in a low-level language, and even in assembly language, if it is going to be used extensively. Note that some applications, such as computing in class groups, use GCD as a basic operation, hence it is essential to optimize the speed of the algorithm for these applications.

6. We introduce three more variables V2, t2 and V and we require that at the start of step 4 we always have Atl + Bt2 = t3, Au + Bv = d, AVI + BV2 = V3 , where A and B are the values of a and b after step 3. For this to be true, we must initialize them by setting (in step 3) v f - 0, V2 f - 1- a and t2 f - -1 if a is odd, t2 f - -a/2 if a is even. After this, the three relations will continue to be true provided we suitably update V2, t2 and v. Since, when the algorithm terminates d will be the GCD of A and B, it suffices to backtrack from both the division step and the exchanges done in the first few steps in order to obtain the correct values of u and v (as is done in step 7).

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