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By Christopher Lampton

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Instructs those that have already programmed in high-level languages in programming with the extra strong and flexible meeting or desktop language.

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ROR: Rotate Right. Shifts every digit in the A register or a specified memory location one position to the right and rotates the contents of the carry flag into the leftmost position. Operation and use are essentially identical to the ROL instruction. Compares the value in the A register with a value in memory. Actually, the CMP instruction is a simulated subtraction instruction but produces no numeric result (and does not affect the value in A). The sole purpose of the CMP instruction is to affect the value of individual bits in the 6502 status register (SR) and thus obtain information about the nature and relative size of the two numbers.

This is similar to the way in which we use arrays in languages such as BASIC. For instance, the variable A(X) in BASIC can be made to refer to any of a large number of storage locations within the computer simply by altering the value ofthe variable X. Thus, arrays are used to process large strings of information in a very efficient manner. The indirect address in an instruction such as CMP ($40) ,Y can be looked on as a kind of array subscript, where the array is the entire memory of a 6502-based computer.

We'll describe this technique in more detail in the chapter on input/output. Not every instruction that makes reference to a memory address can use indexed addressing. For instance, the following instruction is clearly illegal: LDX $0980,X This is because the destination register and the index register are both X, a situation that would be extremely limited (and confusing) in application. The following instructions can be used with the X register as index: ADC, AND, ASL, CMP, DEC, EOR,' INC, LDA, LDY, LSR, ORA, ROL, ROR, SSC, STA.

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