Alecia T. Devantier's 101 Things Every Kid Should Do Growing Up PDF

By Alecia T. Devantier

ISBN-10: 1570718628

ISBN-13: 9781570718625

A few of these issues i have already performed with my youngsters, in spite of the fact that, there are numerous issues I by no means considered doing with them.

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Even teenagers still need boundaries. Ally had a surprising perspective. She recently told me why she loved the curfews and boundaries when she lived in the Rock house. It made her feel “accounted for and protected,” she said. She knew if she stepped out of line, we were coming to get her. However, if she got lost or was in trouble, we’d come to get her just the same. She would never be left alone in our family. Like Ally said, kids want to know someone is watching out for them—even if they don’t want to admit it.

They know their boundaries and what is expected of them. You’ve probably seen a group of kids playing outside until, one by one, each is called to join the family for dinner. There’s usually at least one child—maybe two—whom no one has called inside. It is the same story when teenagers hang out in the mall. Right about the time curfews kick in as parents come by to pick up their children, take a close look at the ones who are left behind. They might swagger about with false bravado, but if you look hard, you can see the “longing to belong” look in their eyes.

Don’t Ask a Yes or No Question I want to share with you one of the most important things I learned in parenting. NEVER ask a yes or no question, especially when it relates to crime and punishment. ” Forget it; you’ll never find out because the answer will always be no. Nobody knows “nuthin,” ever. If no one comes forward to discuss a mess, wait a day or two. Then, let your children think you already know what’s going on. Sit down with the suspected culprit over a bowl of ice cream or have some cookies together—nice and casual.

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